Boost Your Writing Productivity with Copilotly's AI-powered Browser Extension

Discover how Copilotly's browser extension, powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT APIs, can improve your productivity and content quality with automated content creation, AI copywriting, and writing assistance. Say goodbye to writer's block and streamline your workflow with Copilotly's AI writing copilots.

Boost Your Writing Productivity with Copilotly's AI-powered Browser Extension
March 31, 2023

In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have made tremendous strides in helping businesses automate various tasks, improve their productivity, and deliver better customer experiences. Copilotly is a company that has leveraged this technology to build a browser extension that uses OpenAI and ChatGPT APIs to perform a range of tasks, from writing blogs and articles to summarizing content and even helping with thesis writing.

How it Works

The Copilotly browser extension is easy to install and works seamlessly with any browser. Once installed, users can select any text on a webpage, and an icon will appear. When the icon is clicked, a dialog box opens up, which displays a range of tasks that can be performed with the selected text.

The Copilotly extension uses OpenAI's advanced machine learning models to generate high-quality content that is both accurate and engaging. The system is pre-configured with a range of "copilots," each designed to perform specific tasks, such as summarizing text, generating article ideas, or even providing a thesis statement.

The copilots work on a freemium model, meaning that users can access a limited set of features for free, while more advanced features require a paid subscription. This model ensures that the system is accessible to everyone, while still providing enough value to justify the cost of the subscription.


  • The Copilotly browser extension offers several benefits to users, including:Increased productivity: The extension enables users to perform a range of tasks quickly and easily, without the need for additional software or tools
  • Improved content quality: With OpenAI's advanced machine learning models, the extension can generate high-quality content that is both accurate and engaging, improving the overall quality of the content.
  • Time savings: The Copilotly extension can save users hours of time that would otherwise be spent researching, writing, and editing content.
  • Flexibility: The extension is highly flexible, enabling users to perform a wide range of tasks with the click of a button.


Copilotly's browser extension is a powerful tool that leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users perform a range of tasks quickly and easily. Whether you're a blogger, writer, or researcher, the extension can save you time and improve the overall quality of your work. With a range of copilots to choose from, and a freemium model that makes it accessible to everyone, the Copilotly extension is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and improve their productivity. 

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